Baile-Tusnad and its environs are rich in historical, cultural, religious sights, and natural rarities.

Most important nearby touristic places:

Soimilor-Stone: A big stone over the city, offering a wonderful view to the whole spa.
Ciucas-Lake:: The artificial lake of the location, which is in its second roaring lifetime few years ago.
Saint - Ana Lake: The one and only volcanic lake of Middle-East Europe at 950 m elevation. It is situated at 25 km from Baile-Tusnad; can be accessed by car and touristic pathways too.
Mohos muskeg: Is situated in the brother-crater of Saint-Ana Lake at 1056 m elevation. Its formation takes us back in the palaeolithic times ; its special fauna with the rare plant species transforms it in a wonderful and mysterious natural reservation.
Rosu-Lake: The depression of Gheorgheni gives home to the country's biggest catchment lake. The lake is situated in the Bicaz Pass, a wonderful touristic attraction.

Those guests who better like historical, cultural, religious sights, have possibility to visit locations in a 100 km zone from Baile-Tusnad. They can take a look on the attractions of Nyerges-top (1848), Miercurea-Ciuc (Castle Miko, Traditional Museum), Sumuleu-Ciuc (monastery built in baroque style), in Odorheiu-Secuiesc can be found a middle age castle. The two most important cities of the neighbor county are Sfântu Ghorghe (Traditional Museum, the gothic Calvinistic Church from the XIV. Century) and Târgu-Secuiesc (Gábor Áron ground, The Municipal Doll Museum, castle courts). In the Ghorgheni depression can be visited Siculeni (Siculicidium memorial), Cârta (The papistic castle-church), Lãzarea (“Tartar Hill”, and “Lázár Castle”).